Tanya Harsch

A classically trained oil painter whose works can be found in private collections around the world, Tanya Harsch has been painting nearly her entire life. Growing up in Wisconsin, she was endlessly involved in artistic endeavors. She discovered what she was looking for in traditional academic training while studying abroad at the Charles Cecil School in Florence, Italy. She then went on to earn her BA from Lawrence University. After graduation, she returned to Florence to enroll at the Florence Academy of Art. Having completed the drawing program, she moved to Chicago for intensive training at the Ravenswood Atelier. She found a passion for teaching at the Boston Center of Adult Education where she teaches painting courses and gives private lessons in her studio.

Tanya is best known for her meticulously crafted Sebbie Series. The main focus is Sebbie, her childhood toy puppet and the host of critters he encounters. Harsch takes Sebbie on voyages and creates a world that takes viewers on a fantastical journey that evokes childhood memories often nostalgic.

Sebbie's Airplane
11 x 14in.  Oil

Additional Artwork

Tanya  Harsch - Sebbie's Airplane  

Tanya  Harsch - Sebbie and the Kitty  

Tanya  Harsch - Sebbie's Toy Boat  

Tanya  Harsch - Meet Maynard  

Tanya  Harsch - Tango Lessons  

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