Svetlana Valueva

Sveltlana Valueva was born in Moscow, Russia in 1966. She was classically trained at the Moscow State Art Institute, where she graduated as valedictorian. Considered one of the two best students of the academy, she was awarded the honor to travel to Germany to study at the Stuttgart Art Academy. As early as age 26, she had her first of four solo exhibitions at the prestigious Central House of Artists in Moscow. 1995 brought a commission by The Bolshoi Theater for a ballet collection. Invited to rehearsals by the art director of the company, Valueva created a special collection, which is on permanent display in the Bolshoi Theater. She has had numerous exhibitions in Japan, China and Europe.
Valueva is drawn to paint sensuous women. In her paintings, the women often live in a fantastic mystical world. Her works are about love, life and beauty. Her work highlights the complexity of the female form though her gentle realism.

Golden Garden
30 x 24in.  Oil

Additional Artwork

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