Lee Guk Hyun

Lee Guk Hyun was born in 1983 in Seoul, Korea. Lee was classically trained in Western Painting at the Chung-Ang University in Korea, where he earned his Masters Degree. His passion for painting has garnered him many awards and his works have been auctioned at the prestigious Hosane Auction house in Shanghai, China.
He has had numerous solo and group shows across the globe in many major cities, including Tokyo, New York, Montreal, Dublin and Miami. Early in his career, he is already considered an international rising star in the art world.
His paintings are emotional and thought provoking. His technique is that of an old master. His works are highly collected and sought after world wide. Lotton Gallery is proud to represent his traditional Korean Series of oils.

The Girl in the Dream
24 x 18in.  Oil

Additional Artwork

Lee Guk Hyun - The Girl in the Dream  

Lee Guk Hyun - Oriental Silks  

Lee Guk Hyun - Golden Silk  

Lee Guk Hyun - Cherry Blossom  

Lee Guk Hyun - The Girl Pats her Hair