Vitrix Glass Studio

Founded in 1979 in Corning’s historic Market Street district, Vitrix Glass Studio is regarded among America’s prominent contemporary glass studios. Artist Thomas P. Kelly, owner of Vitrix, is committed to uncompromising quality and craftsmanship.
In 1982, Kelly first became involved with glass through Mr. Rockwell, the world’s leading collector of Carder-Steuben glass, He had no idea that glass would end up playing such a major role in his life. Under the guidance of Mr. Rockwell, Thomas had the opportunity to handle and examine the work of Frederick Carder.
Thomas Kelly is integrally involved in the creation of works that have been published and exhibited internationally and are found in galleries across the US and in Canada, Europe and Japan. Museum collections include the Corning Museum of Glass, Victoria and Albert Museum, Museum fur Kunst and Gewerbe, High Museum of Art, and many others.

Venus Celestial Geode
12 x 6in.  Blown Glass

Additional Artwork

 Vitrix Glass Studio - Venus Celestial Geode  

 Vitrix Glass Studio - Solar Geode