Charles Lotton Lamps

In 1973, Charles G. Lotton made a decision that was to impact not only his immediate future, but would also serve to shape the futures of his children. A successful business career in cosmetology was surrendered out of a fascination with art glass and a passion to pursue creative expression.

In addition to the private collections of many serious collectors of art glass, the artistry of Charles Lotton can be found gracing the shelves of the Smithsonian Institue, the Corning Museum of Glass, the High Museum and the Art Institute of Chicago. It has been said that just as the names Tiffany and Steuben ushered in the art glass movement of the 20th century, Lotton Art Glass will surely lead the way into the 21st.

Mandarin Yellow Multi Flora Lamp, Pink Flowers
31 x 11in.  Blown Glass

Additional Artwork

Charles    Lotton Lamps - Blue Multi Flora, Opal White Cypriot Lamp  

Charles    Lotton Lamps - Sunset Cypriot, Pink Multi Flora Fluted Lamp   

Charles    Lotton Lamps - White Domed Lamp, Pink Multi Flora  

Charles    Lotton Lamps - Aqua Cypriot Multi-Flora Lamp, Fluted Shade with Lilac Flowers  

Charles    Lotton Lamps - Sunset Multi Flora Lamp  

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