Paul Counts

Paul Counts has been an accomplished glass artist since completing his formal arts education in 1985. He received his B.A. in Glass/Ceramics from Cal State Fullerton University in 1983 followed by his M.A. in glass in 1985, also at Cal State. After graduating, he worked as a glass blower for several studios in California. He has continued his studies over the years with several well known national and international glass artists including Dick Marquis at Haystack School of Crafts in 1990 and with Lino Tagliapietra in 1991 also at Haystack School of Crafts.
Paul Counts creates one of a kind sculptural teapots that delight the senses. Using millefiore and glass canes, each teapot is unique until itself. Paul Counts' glass teapots are collected internationally and his work is shown in several US galleries.

Large Jewel Tone Teapot
8.5 x 7in.  Blown Glass

Additional Artwork

Paul  Counts - Large Jewel Tone Teapot  

Paul  Counts - Large Lavender & Cobalt Jewel Tone Teapot  

Paul  Counts - Large Celadon Jewel Tone Teapot  

Paul  Counts - Large Light Aqua Jewel Tone Teapot  

Paul  Counts - Large Opal & Light Coral Jewel Tone Teapot  

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