Jose Borrell

Jose Borell was born in Alcoy (Alicante) in 1969. He attended the Arts and Crafts School in Alcoy. He studied technical drawing from 1984- 1988. Like most boys his age, he was called to serve in the military at age 19. After his service, he felt the need to continue his education and focused on his passion- The Portrait.

Upon his return, he started taking classes at the Academy and specifically the Studio of the artist Paco Egea. It was here where he acquired a solid base on drawing. He felt such a passion for painting that he would spend hours and hours on the beach, painting portraits, improving his technique, trying to capture the features of people with the fewest strokes possible. In his constant efforts, Borrell was masterful in the skill of portraiture.

In 2002, he presented his first exhibition in The Medical Society of Malaga. He is a great admirer of Sorolla and Dali, he looks to adapt the color and light of Sorolla with the surrealist touches of Dali.

Borrell's work is collected across Europe and in the United States.

Blue Head Scarf
39 x 31in.  Oil

Additional Artwork

Jose Borrell - Blue Head Scarf