Ashley Anne Clark

Ashley Anne Clark is a visual artist from Prince Edward Island, Canada. She earned her BFA from Concordia University. She has lived in multiple countries including Thailand, Norway, South Korea and The United States.

Ashley Anne's fine art ink drawings combined with mixed media landscapes portray animals in their natural habitats. Many of her materials are foraged from forests and coastlines using things such as seaweed, sand, leaves and branches. She combines these elements with multiple layers of drawings on ink soaked wooden canvases and portrays the true individuality of each of her subjects.Her worked is collected and sought after by art lovers all over the globe.

Snowy Owl
10 x 8in.  Mixed Media

Additional Artwork

Ashley Anne  Clark - Snowy Owl  

Ashley Anne  Clark - Owls and a Crescent Moon  

Ashley Anne  Clark - Midnight Moths  

Ashley Anne  Clark - Bunny Family and Butterflies  

Ashley Anne  Clark - Raccoon Brothers  

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