Jeremiah Lotton

The Lotton Family

Jeremiah Lotton was born in 1982 into a family of successful glass artists. From an early age Jeremiah was fascinated with glass and learning the art of working with his hands to create beautiful things. At 13, Jeremiah worked in his father's studio learning to build and maintain glass furnaces. He also learned how to use glass polishing equipment and began to gain a general understanding of how a glass studio functions. At 15, he began working with the hot glass itself, and by 17 he had developed his own line of designs.

Purple Star Flower Paperweight
2 x 2.5in.  Blown Glass

Additional Artwork

Jeremiah Lotton - Purple Star Flower Paperweight  

Jeremiah Lotton - Surfaced Flower Paperweight  

Jeremiah Lotton - Crystal Monarch Butterfly Vase  

Jeremiah Lotton - Pink Morning Glory Paperweight  

Jeremiah Lotton - Opal White Flower Paperweight  

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