Alicia Quaini

Alicia Quaini was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Alicia studied with Argentine masters Amicarelli and Carpaneli and in MEEBA (Mutualidad de Estudiantes y Egresados de Bellas Artes).
She lived several years in Mexico, however she is not identified with the Mexican art world. She rescues Mexican artistic traditions, adding her own colors without neglecting equilibrium and beauty. She has had many exhibitions in Mexico among them an exhibition sponsored by the Argentine Embassy in Mexico City.
Alicia is World Wide Special Representative for Friends of the United Nations. She is one of the International Day of Peace Planners, worldwide, for the United Nations. She also works as UN Consultant for Friends of the UN.
Her work has been featured in art magazines worldwide, TV programs and Art Dictionaries. (Examples: The Learning Channel, Extreme Make over, Televisa International, Univision news, etc)

Golden Pears
30 x 40in.  Acrylic

Additional Artwork

Alicia Quaini - Golden Pears  

Alicia Quaini - Amber Pears  

Alicia Quaini - Floral with Roses  

Alicia Quaini - Pink and White Roses  

Alicia Quaini - Apples  

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