Jerry Heer

The Lotton Family

Jerry P. Heer is Charles Lotton’s nephew. He is the only son to Charles only sibling, his sister.He was actually named after Charles, whose middle name is Gerald. Charles’ mother and sister always called Charles, Jerry, his middle name. This is a Lotton family tradition, as two of Charles’ oldest sons are also refer to by their middle name, Charles David (David) and James Daniel (Daniel).

Jerry Heer also was Charles’ assistant for eight years of his glassmaking before beginning on his own career with Lotton Studios. Jerry Heer honed his craft working with his uncle and now an artist in his own right. Jerry's perfume bottles are one of Lotton Studios best-selling glass pieces. Jerry retired in 2011, due to an injury to his back and his pieces have become more rare and sought after. Lotton Gallery is proud to have some very fine pieces of his work.

Purple Trillium Paperweight
3.5 x 3in.  Blown Glass

Additional Artwork

Jerry Heer - Purple Trillium Paperweight  

Jerry Heer - Green Iridescent Leaf & Vine Bowl  

Jerry Heer - Leaf and Vine Green Perfume Bottle