Jean Lefort

The French artist Jean Lefort was born in Paris, France in 1948. He grew up in the artistic millIeu of the capital and enjoyed his education at the Academy of Fine Arts in the same city.
He became a true colorist and devoted himself to an impressionistic way of painting. In loose brushstrokes he creates balanced compositions.
Lefort paints lively scenes of children, the four seasons and fresh flowers in a skilled and convincing way. Living colors and masterly rendered light are important and signature techniques used by highly respected artist. The result is a warm atmosphere and uplifting mood expressed in his oils . Moreover, his work conveys a feeling of peace and joy- well known and recognized as a constant in his work.Jean Lefort's paintings are collected and exhibited all over the world.

Seeking Seashells
10 x 8in.  Oil

Additional Artwork

Jean Lefort - Seeking Seashells  

Jean Lefort - Setting Sail  

Jean Lefort - Barnyard Napping  

Jean Lefort - Little Champion  

Jean Lefort - The Curious Cricket  

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