Michael Hopko

Michael Hopko’s background in glass began in 1990 as an art student at Shasta College. He started off in ceramics and fell in love with glass when he started taking the class. After College he worked as an apprentice glass blower with several different glass artists in California.
As an avid fisherman since the age of three, now Michael's passion for fishing has lead him to create a line of glass fish, like the ones he caught for many years.
Since 1996 as founder of Soul Glass, Michael has insured that each piece of glass that leaves his studio is carefully handcrafted with a guarantee of supreme quality and uniqueness.
Located in the Trinity Alps of Northern California, Soul Glass is a family owned and operated business. Michael Hopko has developed a collection of hand blown sculptures that combine art & craftsmanship that capture the beauty and motion of nature through glass.

Small Multi Colored Octopus
3 x 7in.  Blown Glass

Additional Artwork

Michael  Hopko - Small Multi Colored Octopus  

Michael  Hopko - Medium Dichroic Sea Turtle  

Michael  Hopko - Small Spring Green Octopus  

Michael  Hopko - Small Fire Opal Octopus  

Michael  Hopko - Sea Turtle (Blue Eyes)  

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