Markow & Norris

American artists Eric Markow and Thom Norris met in 1994.The two started collaborating on organically inspired stained glass window commissions for the next decade.Over the years, as glass flamework and glass fusing became more popular, Markow & Norris began several years of experimentation to develop handwoven glass.
They imagined an art form that seemed impossible to comprehend and even more impossible to create.Inspired by the inexplicably complex framework of the natural world, Markow & Norris create enigmatically harmonious works of art.
Each deceptively organic form requires extensive planning and flawless execution.The effect is tightly woven, vividly colorful and destinctive works, conceived with a marriage of science, art and alchemy.
Markow, & Norris live in Falls Church, Virginia with their two parrots Simon and Sydney.

8 x 24in.  Woven Glass

Additional Artwork

Markow & Norris - Red  

Markow & Norris - Confetti  

Markow & Norris - Cocoa Azure  

Markow & Norris - Sunflower  

Markow & Norris - Eastern Sunset  

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