Johnny & Darlene Camp

Johnny & Darlene Camp's dedication to glassblowing is evident in the excellent quality of their work. Johnny and Darlene work together as a team creating a wide variety of hand blown glass, ranging from traditional forms to contemporary styles. Their combined 18 years of expertise as hands on artists, designers, and fabricators have enabled them to achieve intimate works of art, as well as large scale commissions. Glass poses as a seductive medium that continues to excite and inspire them everyday. Each piece is a free hand expression of the excitement and danger only found in a glassblowing studio. For Johnny and Darlene working directly with the glass is not only the time of inspiration, but a time when they can focus on only one thing, the glass, and leave the rest of the world behind.

Cobalt Heart
4.5 x 3in.  Blown Glass

Additional Artwork

Johnny & Darlene Camp - Cobalt Heart  

Johnny & Darlene Camp - Mauve & Black Octopus  

Johnny & Darlene Camp - Red & Silver Octopus  

Johnny & Darlene Camp - Blue Luster Whale Perfume  

Johnny & Darlene Camp - Red Hot Heart w/24k Gold  

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