Yana Movchan

Yana Movchan was born in Kiev in 1971. Her sublime mastery of the technique and structure of Renaissance painting combines with the instinctive symbolism of “magical realism” to create a personal neo-realist idiom. Her work is formal, yet playful; contemporary, yet timeless; and joyous, yet mysterious, evocative and dreamlike.
In Yana’s paintings, the intellectual and the emotional synthesize to form images that touch the viewer’s heart whilst issuing a challenge: there are deeper meanings to be unraveled, hidden clues amongst the hyper-real still lifes, portraits and animal scenes; meanings which echo deep in the unconscious mind. Her work has been compared to Velasquez, Colville and Magritte.
Movchan trained at the Ukrainian Art Academy. Her master’s thesis project (a triptych entitled “Life on Earth”) won the Golden Fund Prize, the Academy’s highest art award. Her work has featured in solo and group exhibitions in the Ukraine, Prague, London, The U.S. and Canada. She is based in Halifax, Canada, where she lives with her husband and two young sons.

Flock of Roses
20 x 16in.  Oil

Additional Artwork

Yana   Movchan - Conversation  

Yana   Movchan - Orchard Generosity  

Yana   Movchan - Chatting with Shade  

Yana   Movchan - Life Between Shells  

Yana   Movchan - Cat and the Pea Stalk  

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