Mary Alayne Thomas

Raised by two full time artists in Santa Fe New Mexico, Mary Thomas has had a strong desire to create since childhood. Finding constant inspiration from her memories of New Mexico, as well as from the beauty of her current home in Portland Oregon, her paintings continually attempt to capture those magic ephemeral moments we all experience, both real and imagined.

Having painted all of her life, she was initially taken with a love for the luminosity and versatility of watercolor and has since progressed to work with encaustic. She best describes her work as ďa delicacy and softness that emanates from the layering of art forms within the transparent surface.”

A Moment's Rest
14 x 14in.  Encaustic

Additional Artwork

Mary Alayne Thomas - A Moment's Rest  

Mary Alayne Thomas - Tigers of Summer (Butterflies)  

Mary Alayne Thomas - Heirloom Turnip (The Bunny)  

Mary Alayne Thomas - Pathway Through the Wild Wald  

Mary Alayne Thomas - The Reader  

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