Iban Navarro

Iban Navarro is the son of artist Jesus Navarro. He was born in Barcelona in 1982. In the studio of his father, he studied painting and the use different artistic techniques. Iban's main focus artistically is in the medium of egg tempera and watercolor. He combines materials, allowing him to achieve greater realism in his work.

At age 20, Iban began his professional artistic career. He participated in group exhibitions where his work was admired and praised by critics and private collectors. His first exhibition was at the Court Ingls (Plaza Catalunya) in Barcelona. This was followed by an exhibition in the Court Ingls (Diagonal) Barcelona in 2003. Then another exhibition in the Court or Ingls (Castellana) Madrid and Ingls Court exhibition in Valencia. His work was very widely praised across Spain.

Navarro's amazing attention to detail and his sensitive studies of the body combines beautifully with delicate treatment of nature. He is widely recognized as a manor talent in Europe, Asia and the US.

Waves of Nature
39 x 43in.  Egg Tempera and Watercolor

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Iban Navarro - Waves of Nature