David Lotton

David Lotton began his professional glass career in 1978, since then this self-taught, mid-western artist has pursued his passion for glass making creating his “one of a kind” vases, sculptures, paperweights and pendants. Inspired by his farming and experience with raising cattle, David incorporates his love for nature into each design.

Developing his own glass formulas, he has created a complex palette of colors, giving him the ability to formulate his layering and sculpting style. Each leaf, flower and threaded pattern has been handcrafted with precision, giving consideration to detail and depth. Year after year, David studies and refines the techniques he uses in creating his art. His floral patterns capture his love for detail, color combining and the depth of layering. David's Clematis Reflection series, Hollyhock Paperweight series and Mixed Bouquets all reflect the beauty of color, form and technique of a lifetime’s work. His Organic Sculpture pieces reflect movement and the rich depth of a summer sunset.

Art glass collectors throughout the world treasure David Lotton creations. His work is on display in many fine art galleries and several museums.

Aqua & Periwinkle, Blue Mixed Bouquet Vase
10 x 6in.  Blown Glass

Additional Artwork

David  Lotton - Aqua & Periwinkle, Blue Mixed Bouquet Vase  

David  Lotton - Pink Clematis & Periwinkle Hollyhocks Vase with Lip  

David  Lotton - Large Pink Clematis Bowl, Purple Mixed Bouquet Bowl with Lip  

David  Lotton - Turquoise Clematis & Pink Hollyhocks Mixed Bouquet Vase  

David  Lotton - Large Cobalt Clematis Bowl with Celadon Hollyhocks  

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