Timothy Lotton

Tim Lotton started making glass at ten years old. When he first began, he found glassblowing to be one of the most challenging mediums to hone due to the balance of craftsmanship, artistry,and physicality. With much practice and endurance, he found joy in the rhythmic dance of glass making and grew to love all different aspects involved in the process . He liked how the glass medium challenged him in so many ways. His main inspiration is nature, Tim loves to be outdoors.

Born in Chicago Heights, Illinois in 1989, Tim Lotton grew up in his Grandfatherís glass shop. As a boy, his father Grandfather Charles Lotton showed him techniques and secrets in glass making. His Uncle John Lotton also mentored him in the heavy layered floral glass technique, which John Lotton pioneered. Tim learned the hard work and dedication they put into their glass and they passed that work ethic down to Tim. It helped shape and form him into the man and glass artist that he is today.

Tim has had shows and exhibitions in the US and recently blew glass at SOFA in the Corning Museumís hot shop. He has been featured on television, such as Good Morning Vail and Fox Newsís Hometown Friday. Timís work has been in many magazines,American Art Collector and Art Business News. His pieces are in many private collections, both in the US and in countries such as France, Germany, the UK, Australia, China, Thailand, and Canada.

Bright Pink Bleeding Hearts Bowl
6 x 8.75in.  Blown Glass

Additional Artwork

Timothy  Lotton - Bright Pink Bleeding Hearts Bowl  

Timothy  Lotton - Mango Bleeding Hearts Bowl  

Timothy  Lotton - Pink Bleeding Heart Vase with Lip  

Timothy  Lotton - Pink Tulip Crystal Sphere  

Timothy  Lotton - Pink & Purple Double Bleeding Hearts Bowl with Lip  

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